disaster recovery

do you have the appropriate backup infrastructure in place safeguarding your data & business operations?

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Mobility & Remote Virtualizations

  • In today's digital business environment, down-time and data loss equates to losses across the board, so your ability to recover quickly after a disaster and become operation are paramount. Computerized Business environments generate a great deal of data and file changes during the day. Transactional data can be lost or become corrupt, damaged and perhaps lost because of hardware failure; as a result, you can experience significant business disruption. Your backup and DR Solution should be an essential part of your business continuity plan. Losses during a disaster scenario could look like this.
  • - Average cost of downtime is approximately $5,600 per minute.
  • - Average amount of time it takes for a company to recover from a disaster is 18.5 HOURS.
  • - 95% of companies experience outages unrelated to natural disasters.
  • - 60% of companies that lose their data go out of business in 6 months.

    Let BrenTech Inc. take the burden of keeping your business operational by helping you develop an appropriate Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. BrenTech Inc. offers comprehensive DR Solutions tailored to fit your operations and budget. Protect your business today, simply call us and ask for your Free Network Evaluation and Analysis today.


business continuity.

Business Continuity

It's obvious, good business practices incorporate a solid Backup and Disaster Recovery plan keeping business continuity a top priority. Besides Federal and State data protection requirements, keeping your business operational is BrenTech's Inc. primary goal.


Disaster Recovery

disaster recovery planning & management.

The BrenTech DR Recovery Cloud Essentials Offering includes:

  • Most cost-effective solutions
  • Easy to implement and maintain DR protection
  • Supports hybrid environments (on-premise or third party hosted)
  • Requires no changes to existing architecture
  • Is HIPAA and PCI compliant
  • Includes/24/7/365 access and monitoring with our team of DR experts


Recovery Point Objective - The maximum loss and down time your business is willing or able to absorb.

If you’re like many businesses, losing any, more importantly, more than a day’s worth of data is unacceptable and would cause serious damage. This means having strategic backups of critical data, server and workstation images be performed at minimum, at least once a day – All of which, can be a challenge for companies with large data assets. We have found many of our clients didn't have the expertise and knowledge to perfect a strategic DR Plan leaving them critically exposed to data loss. If your daily business operations process and change large amounts of data, your backup system and DR Strategy must be evaluated and can be a limiting factor in your RPO.

Recovery Time Objective - The maximum down time your business is willing to be exposed to.

Crucial for your RTO is a well designed and implemented disaster recovery solution and it's abilitiy to restore operations and have you up and running as quickly as possible. A strategic restoration is dependent on configured solutions on-premise and synchronized to a Cloud DR Site for catastrophic events.

Off-Site Backups - Essential for true disaster recovery. Synchronized copies of all your backups and imaged files are stored off-site in our Cloud DR site offering your primary facility to be unaffected by a regional disaster.

While locally on premise backups are convenient for accidental deletions and other everyday data loss incidents, however are vulnerable to being lost due to a catastrophic disaster like fire or flood. The only data you can count on recovering after a disaster is data stored offsite.

Data Recovery

Computer Forensics & data recovery.

Your BrenTech Forensic Team can recover deleted or partially deleted e-mail and files, recover passwords, extract file decrypted information, find missing files, recover lost data, even provide expert witness and testimony services.

We have data recovery equipment to get data off of bad hard drives and raid arrays. Just the opposite, we are experts at removing data permanently from hard drives and computers.

The BrenTech Team can:

Recover Deleted and Partially Deleted E-mail

Find Missing Files

Recover Lost Data

Expert Witness/Testimony Services

Password Recovery/File Decryption

Data Recovery/Data Eradication

Reformatting and repartitioning a hard drive will NOT erase your data.

We have the data recovery equipment here to retrieve data off bad hard drives and raid arrays.

Before you recycle or donate your computers, let us permanently remove your data