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mobile workforce solutions.

Mobility & Remote Virtualizations

Employees today need flexibility accessing and synchronizing their data seamlessly and securely. Keeping up with today's business challenges, employees need access to their work remotely and need to connect collaboratively with the virtual team initiatives. Files, images, e-mails, schedules

Remote Offices and Executive access.

BrenTech installs and configures secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Remote Connection Servers for both large and small companies in San Diego County, Orange County and Riverside. Let BrenTech engineers help you implement a telecommuting policy and technology for your business that allows your staff to work from anywhere on the internet, just as if they were at the office.

enterprise Mobility solutions & device management.

Your business uses a small army of devices designed to make your life easier, however maintaining your fleet of devices can be extremely complex, and resource intensive. Our Device Management Solutions will enable your business to achieve device mobility by providing an easy and most effective way to manage all your devices.