network solutions

Technology as a service (TAAS).

BrenTech Incorporated has been in business over 34 years serving San Diego by delivering expert, cost effective business solutions committed to reduce the burden of day-to-day IT management. Leverage our dedicated and cost effective expertise, by allowing us to manage your resource intensive operations with our experienced engineering staff. Our certified network engineering staff offers a wide range of diverse expertise to handle your most complicated network environments, with a porfolio of proven track records to prove it. Let us get to work for you and prove BrenTech is your guaranteed solutions provider.

Managed IT Services.

BrenTech Inc. offers a wide range of services covering technologies which best fits your business environment. Schedule a Network Assessment with one of our infrastructure experts to provide a top-down analysis of your network which will ultimately help identify any possible network and security issues.

Regulatory compliance difficulties. Governments, driven by the need to protect consumers, businesses, and government agencies have struggled to enact laws designed to protect sensitive data. These regulations are often complicated to comply with and cost corporations millions. Many of these regulations are a result of the drawbacks of a decentralized computing environment, and many of the regulations are easier to comply with by moving to a more centralized model. In some regions, such as Japan, this regulatory compliance is a primary driver for virtualizing certain components of the desktop environment.

network engineering & Systems design services.

BrenTech Inc. is a Microsoft Certified Partner, Certified in Advanced Networking Infrastructure Solutions and has partnered with numerous technology manufactures delivering the most balanced, cost effective, technologically advanced solutions designed for your specific operational environment.

Businesses such as yours, are concerned with reducing the cost and complexity of their IT infrastructures. Our secure solutions build on the power of Microsoft business platforms which leverages - Windows Server 2012R2, Exchange Server, SQL Server, IIS, Hyper-V, Windows 7-8-10, MS-Office suite, including Linux and Apple platforms; all of which are designed to help free up valuable resources so your employees can innovate, collaborate, and drive your business forward. Our managed services will greatly benefit increased system uptime, end-user productivity, enhance protection of corporate data, and simplify IT compliance. With managed services from BrenTech Inc., we provide rich, connected capabilities across the infrastructure, helping protect both your environment and your confidential data from intrusion and disruption. As a result, your business is able to control costs, improve service levels, and drive agility.

The benefits of leveraging BrenTech's 34 year history of delivering high-tech cost effective solutions, is, you will experience a collaborative senior engineering staff dedicated to your business operations and it's over-all technological effectiveness, delivering you hands-down, the best in class deployment, management and maintenance of your IT Infrastructure. Our personal attention to details and high level of commitment with our clients has set us as a industry leader you'll enjoy partnering with, we guarantee it.

software management.

The investment your organization has made in its software is a critical part of its overall asset base and represents a major component of budgets each year.  We at BrenTech, Inc. can help your company avoid uncontrolled and inefficient growth of software assets. Your company will know what software assets it possesses, where they are located, and that they are licensed.

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Software Management Services

Is Your Software Legal?  Software Asset Management can save you Thousands of Dollars!

The investment your organization has made in its software is a critical part of its overall asset base and represents a major component of budgets each year.  We at BrenTech, Inc. can help your company avoid uncontrolled and inefficient growth of software assets. Your company will know what software assets it possesses, where they are located, and that they are licensed.

Save  money. Good software management procedures can help you take advantage of volume license discounts  & most efficiently deploy software across your organization.

Reduce risk and liability. Willful or negligent abuse of software licenses can result in financial penalties for an organization. In addition, executives of the company can be held individually liable—both criminally and civilly—for any copyright infringement that occurs within the organization. Companies that have a program to help them manage their software investment reduce these risks.

Help manage technological change. A software management program can help your organization identify its software needs, avoid obsolescence, and ensure that it has the technology it needs to fulfill its mission.

Decrease losses from theft and misuse.  Software licenses represent a capital investment that needs to be protected, just like any other capital investment.

Alleviate communication and data transfer problems. Different groups of users often operate on different platforms this can make it difficult to transfer documents and data from one department to the next—even if all of the systems exist on the same network. An effective software management program can help organizations address these difficulties and apply standards where needed, thereby improving both workflow and efficiency.

Justify investments in better technology. A software management program helps organizations understand the value they receive from their software investment. It also helps them direct their software budgets to those areas where they can increase that return.


support agreements.

Our Annual Support Agreement is very popular with many other businesses in Southern California. The support agreement is the perfect solution for a company looking to outsource it's IT Department. Our support covers software and hardware service, consulting, training, engineering, and any other computer-related service your company needs. The response time is guaranteed and the price is perfect!

With a technical support contract, your company pre-purchases a set number of hours based on a labor rate that is greatly reduced from our standard rate. These hours are prepaid in advance.

Support Agreement Clients Get all the Benefits! Guaranteed response time – When you call us, we answer your support calls immediately and begin working the issue with you. Our Remote Access Solutions offer immediate troubleshooting allow us to work securely on your network which can normally resolve most issues. On-site, we guarantee that we will respond to your service request on-site within as little as 1 business hour, depending on your location.

Highly Trained & Certified Staff – We take on the high cost of certification and training so that you don’t have to. Experienced Company - BrenTech has been servicing computers since 1982. That's over 34 years of networking, programming, repairing and maintaining experience.

Personal Touch – You are assigned a personal engineer, your own computer department manager, to keep track of your equipment and help you when you need answers. Behind him is the entire staff of BrenTech, Inc.  ready to jump at your command.

Free Telephone Support - Under our technical support contract you receive free telephone support. 

Cost Effective! – Starting at under $3,800.00 for an annual contract, you can have an computer department.  What you don’t use at the end of the year can be rolled over, or used for maintenance or upgrades.

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