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virtualization and green technology.

Virtualization Technologies

Our Engineering staff works with companies to increase security and decrease computer energy usage by as much as 50% The BrenTech team can help your company put a green computing plan in place. Let us help you, not only to save money, but also to help save the planet!

Drive greater IT operating efficiency through end-to-end virtualization.

Cut Your Computers Electricity Usage Up To 50%

Cut Your Maintenance Requirements.

Cut application roll-out and update time significantly.

Integrated solutions from BrenTech help reduce costs, maximize system availability, and drive operational agility.

The face —and place —of business is rapidly changing. With growing numbers of mobile employees, remote workers, and branch offices, today’s organizations face an expanding need to provide line-of-business applications and data to a virtual workforce —securely, seamlessly, and within limited budgets.

Be part of this evolution. More and more organizations are seeking better remote-access solutions —without the overhead of installing and managing applications on remote PCs or the complexity and cost of a traditional virtual private network (VPN). Help BrenTech meet your demands with Terminal Services.

virtualizaton for high availability.

Are you leveraging the most out of your Server deployments? Is your IT Budget being impacted with high maintenance costs? Industry experts claim, that in a non-virtualized datacenter, inflexible network hardware, can absorb most your IT-budget maintaining your infrastructure. As virtualization is the new definition of networking, business can maximize operational and cost efficiencies by deploying BrenTech Inc. virtualization solutions.

Server consolidation with Virtualization, will reduce IT Costs and Increase IT Controls. Centralize server management and automate your data center reducing operating costs by as much as 50 percent and energy costs by as much as 80 percent, a savings more than $3,000 per year for each virtualized server workload. Call BrenTech Inc. today to receive you FREE Network Analysis to help you take back your IT-Budget.

virtualization for disaster recovery and data backup.

Server Virtualization presents unique implications for disaster recovery (DR), including cost reductions and increased recovery times. We perform backup-ups because we know it is mandatory process to protect business operations should the loss of the primary versions of data and/or system operations go down. What is your business contingency plan for Disaster Recovery?